Pat McCabe - Born into Beauty

The thing about change is: Things change. We were informed of this time of great transformation long ago. We have no true cause to panic.

Now is the time to see how proficient we are with the tools we have been working with for Life Light and Love. Whether we see ourselves Warriors in a profound spiritual battle, or profound pragmatists who only want to live and see their children live, now all of our theories, private, public, philosophical, cutting edge, popular and derided, will stand the test of The Truth of Thriving Life Principles. So we must gather the truths that we have come to know and claim, we must live them and walk them. We must now have the courage to accept their validity or their fraudulence, both possibilities, with grace and with humility. 

One thing should be very clear at this point, neither the United States government, nor the United States presidency, nor any government or institution has the ability to address our eminent concerns. That work remains ours, and ours alone. This has been true for some time. It is only now that we are confronted with the naked emperor, futilely strutting about. 

In reality, this is nothing to grieve. And it is certainly nothing to feel hopeless about. The bad news is: We are the biggest part of the problem. The good news is: We are the biggest part of the problem! That is good news because it means we are also the biggest part of the solution. 

As long as the solution remained in the hands of a few, as long as we turned our free-will over to systems and institutions, we did have cause to feel concern, fear, and even hopelessness. But now, with that illusion shattered, we are free to answer for ourselves, whether we choose life, or otherwise. 

We came here fully equipped, fully supported, full of free-will and care-fully enfolded with Grace and Light in every direction to meet this fork in the road. Our human lineage has met such forks before. And we can know a bit about the outcome of our ancestors' skills and use of their free will by our very presence here on the Mother Earth today. 

So, let us take a deep breath. Let us take another's hand. Let us hold our children close. Let us ask that our fear be removed. Let us open to the other fear-less possibilities. Let us open to the Grace and power we have been given for Co-Creation, now aligning with the most compatible system, the most equitable economy, the most just society, the most compassionate Authority, the most brilliant Vision already in motion all around us:
Life Herself, as expressed in perfection by this Mother Earth.

You were born into Beauty, as Beauty, for Joyful Life. That's the Truth. 

The "free-will clause" trumps all other laws in every dimension. How, then shall we proceed? I propose with Life, Light and Love, in deep collaboration with Thriving Life, acknowledging that we are the beautiful, beloved, celebrated, cherished, nurtured, nourished, sons and daughters of Creator, Creation, the Holy People, this Holy Mother Earth, all of our relations. With Beauty before Us, With Beauty behind Us, with Beauty above Us, with Beauty below Us, with Beauty all around Us.

Katia Sol